When it comes time to replace your boat trailer, you don’t have the time to be driving around looking at the different brands and figuring out which trailer works best for your boat. That is where we shine. We use five different trailer manufactures to pick the best trailer for your boat type and weight. We have done the shopping for you. We use our volume buying power to secure these trailers at great prices and have picked the best trailer for the cost for your category. This saves you time and money and you will have the confidence that this is the right trailer for your boat.

Many times a boat dealer or manufacture will put the cheapest trailer under their boat to keep the package price down. This not only isn’t safe, but can cause you many head aches down the road on costly repairs and down time. We highly suggest buying your boat from the dealer you want, but let us put the trailer under it. This gives you the confidence you have the right trailer and at the right price under your boat. We sell about 300 boat trailers a year, so the boat dealers can’t compete with our pricing, trailer knowledge and service. Buy your boat from somewhere else, but buy your trailer from the “The Boat Trailer Experts”, Outer Banks Boat Harbor.

We strive to keep at least one trailer in stock at all times for power boats under 28 feet. If you are a sail boat owner or have a special need, give us a call or email and we’ll do the necessary research to get you the right trailer.


Trailers For Skiffs

  Outlaw by images ,Personal Water Craft and Small Boat Trailers

E Z Pads for Bunks (Slippery Pads)

Spare Tire

Spare Tire Bracket

Tongue Jack

Polyurethane Rollers

Torsion Axles

Side Guides (Boat Guides)

Bearing Protectors

2nd pair of Tail Lights on Up-right Guides

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Mag  Wheels

Radial Tires

Safety Poly Rollers